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A collection of tracks exploring the raw extrusion of the human condition. Bringing together early works, Detached Metal Voice is characterised by an abstract narrative exploring the anxiety of disconnected elements striving to find connection in a world of digital communication. AT&T voiceovers provide threads of psychological association, rhythmic neo-classical arrangements and noise electronic jazz improvisations provide the backdrop. Many experimental techniques are in place within the creative process of these tracks. Laboratory sinewave oscillators sweep through many of the tracks, tones are produced from simple homemade synthesisers.

There is a homage to voice synthesis including excerpts taken from many of the early laboratory attempts to produce the human voice through the mode of synthesis, including work pioneered by Philip Rubin from the Haskins Laboratories, Tom Baer, and Paul Mermelstein. This synthesizer, known as ASY, was based on vocal tract models developed at Bell Laboratories in the 1960s and 1970s by Paul Mermelstein, Cecil Coker, and colleagues. In tracks such as “Babyman” Autistici illustrates a fascination in hearing machines talking about emotive subjects, emulating emotive tonal changes and yet having no real connection to the subjective emotional experience.  Alternatively tracks such as “Whispering Mongo Man” contains a 15 minute interview with John Lennon with all the words spoken by John deleted from the sound file…. Leaving only the intake and exhalation of breath. With the content missing we are left with a sense of emotion contained within the spaces – the working of a man’s body. The tracks encourage the listener to consider the complex question of how meaning, relationships and connections are constructed, communicated and perceived.

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Audiobulb Happy New Year > 2010

Firstly a warmly delivered HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all!

2010 is looking to be a very interesting year for Audiobulb. We start the year with the release of the beautiful Milinal album – Honey Meridian. It is a sublime piece of work by Val who is a Russian sailor by trade and we hope you will support the artist by checking it out. Visit the release page here >

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2010 will also see Audiobulb heading (as always) in new exploratory directions. With new music emerging from the abstract pop of :Papercutz to the exploratory indie of The Hole Punch Generation.

Thank you as always for your support – it means so much to us that listeners support the music rather than downloading the inferior pirate material. Those sites have their own mission of greed drawing in vast revenues from advertising and product placement on the backs of the hard work of in dependant artists and labels like our own.

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2 | Favourite Places

2 | Favourite Places brings together field and composed recordings, providing a unique insight into places of importance and significance within the lives of contemporary artists from around the world.

Featuring unique personal insights into the environments of musicians from the UK (Michael Santos, Icarus, Autistici, Calika), Australia (Lawrence English), Belgium (Yannick Franck), Japan (Sawako), USA (Jeremy Bible, He Can Jog) and Canada (Michael Trommer), giving them each a chance to introduce their very own favourite place. The booklet accompanying this CD contains photographs and a description of these spots, providing concrete complements to the recordings.

Each CD is uniquely hand finished in accordance with the design direction of the truly inspired Stereographic (Geo & Mr sAMsKi). This beautiful CD is available to buy for the shop and via all reputable digital download stores

Ultre > The Nest & The Skull

Recently featured on iTunes IndieSpotlight > Ultre’s latest album sold 400 digital copies in 4 days. Ultre’s latest has been cast in the same realm as Prefuse 73, Four Tet, BoC & Clarke.

Crafted from guitar, piano, electronics and homemade beats, each track is set within a frame of flourishing musical activity. Ultre’s second album is an elegant, bold & extravagant example of modern composition.

Ultre - The Nest & The Skull

Ultre - The Nest & The Skull

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Ultre – Peace Corpse @ The Wire

Peace Corpse – taken from the forthcoming album – The Nest & The Skull

One reviewer likened Ultre’s music to aphex and autechre – i’m not so sure – its more based on traditional instruments and less DSP experimentation – but the beats are good and the tunes have the right amount of tactile darkness….

Have a listen and decide for yourselves….

Ultre’s album “The Nest & The Skull” is out March 26th on audiobulb records.

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David Newman


Audiobulb News | Feb 09

Early Reviews | Previews | Interview

It is four weeks to go until the release of The Nest & The Skull, Finn’s keenly anticipated follow-up to All The Darkness Has Gone To Details. In preparation for the release we took the time to interview Finn to find about his thoughts on his music and the new album.

Ultre (Finn McNicholas)

Ultre (Finn McNicholas)

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The Nest & The Skull is due for release on CD and digital download on 9th March 2009.

Audiobulb Records

Audiobulb > December 2008

||1|| Ultre : Mini-film

Visit the website to view a curious video mini-piece from Finn!

These amazing CDs are currently being sent out for review in the build up to the big release of The Nest & The Skull – Feb 09.

||2|| Upcoming Releases

2009 is set to be the busiest year yet on Audiobulb with an exciting range of CD and digital download releases. Audiobulb is embracing new artists each of whom brings a unique perspective to the field of exploratory music.

+ Craque – Supple
+ Schreck Ensemble – Bass Box
+ Various – 2 | Favourite Places
+ NQ – TBA
+ Milinal – Honey Meridian
+ Jimmy Behan – TBA

||3|| Site Redesign

In line with this we are updating the site and shop. Each release will now have its own unique release page containing information, videos, artist interviews and reviews. We hope these developments support you to enjoy the work of each artist to its full. To visit a release page simply go to the RELEASES section at and click on the relevant links.

The following pages include updated interviews and reviews:

He Can Jog :

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Effacer :

Claudia :

||4|| Top 10

The excellent Textura webzine has named 1 | Favourite Places in its top 10 compilations for 2008

Until 2009 – have a fantastic December.

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