Resonating Wires | Autistici Reworked

by audiobulb

Autistici ReworkedResonating Wires started as one vibrating wire from an acoustic guitar, captured, sculptured and morphed into a buzzing pad of noise. This unique remix album sees the process start again via the reinterpretation of the material by an array of talented ambient & microsound artists, including works by:

* Simon Scott
* Bluermutt
* Sawako
* Jimmy Behan
* Francisco Lopez
* Isan
* Justin Varis
* Ian Hawgood & Danny Norbury
* Richard Chartier
* He Can Jog

The album contains much beauty and diversity and has received some great reviews:

Headphone Commute: “Resonating Wires is an excellent compilation of minimal, experimental and electro-acoustic soundscapes that stands high on the shoulders of contemporary reductionist giants.”

Vital Weekly: “A varied compilation indeed, but its in this variation that there is beauty. A great remix compilation: a fine example of possibilities. A rare thing!”

The CD comes in a beautiful digipak gatefold with resonating spiral designs.

To hear MP3 previews and read the reviews please visit the release page here:

Best wishes for September

David @ Audiobulb

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