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|| 1 || Favourite Places – COMING SOON

The world is always changing for better and for worse. Favourite Places is a
snap shot amongst this movement aiming to capture something beautiful.

Featuring unique field recordings and compositional works by:

– Leafcutter John
– Taylor Deupree
– RF
– Biosphere
– Dot Tape Dot
– Claudia
– John Kannenberg
– Aaron Ximm
– Build
– Nomad Palace

Favourite Places will be a unique CD depicting places of significance within
the lives of contemporary artists.

Each individual CD features a unique location dot matrix representing the 10
tracks on the album. These hand made designs bring a unique design aesthetic
to the product package. The CD also contains a fold-out poster print with
written and visual information relating to each favourite place. Design &
art direction turned on its head by the talented .

|| 2 || 2008 Release Schedule

2008 promises to be our busiest year yet. The Favourite Places release will
be the first in a series CDs to be released in the future. On top of this we
can confirm the following releases:

+ He Can Jog – Middlemarch (CD – May 2008)
+ Ultre – TBA (CD – August 2008)
+ He Can Jog – Tummies (MP3 – November 2008)

|| 3 || FZ-Bulb – One left!

We have one FZ-Bulb unit due for completion any day now. This will be the
last unit made available. If you are interested in purchasing the FZ-Bulb
please email

|| 4 || Calika – Seedling Mother

Calika’s second album continues to be well received. His music has recently
been featured in climbing videos produced by the excellent  slackjaw &
hotaches. To purchase Seedling Mother or Small Talk Kills Me visit the
audiobulb shop >

|| 5 || Image Gallery

We have a striking new random image gallery on site featuring the work of
David Lu. David describes himself as “a quiet 30-something with lofty ideas.
He writes custom software to help create the drawn line. His computational
drawings are fueled by caffeine, moving, and bad weather. He plans on one
day naming his offspring Buffa.”

Best wishes for 2008.

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