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1. FZ-Bulb : OUT NOW
Audiobulb has teamed up with experimental noise specialist ruin in production of a custom made distortion box. The FZ-Bulb brings a warm fuzzy glow to your sound ideal for warming up ambient textures or adding grit to industrial landscapes, beatbox or guitar.


The Audiobulb FZ-Bulb is a Analog Fuzz and Bandpass Filter Combo inside a small (2 3/4″x3 1/4″) metal enclosure. The FZ-Bulb was a cooperation between RuinElectronics and the Audiobulb Label, to be sold on the audiobulb site. The unit has two knobs (gain and bandpass frequency.), 1/4″ ins and outs and a true bypass on/off (bypass) toggle switch. It runs off of a single 9v battery. The unit follows the typical ruin aesthetic of “looks like it was found in a World War 2 bunker”.

The FZ-Bulb retails at £49 + p&p. Contact audiobulb at sales@audiobulb.com to order your unit.

2. Calika – Seedling Mother : OUT NOW
Simon Kealoha’s second album on Audiobulb continues to provoke and impress reviewers and listeners with its interplay of detailed electronic and acoustic elements.

“With Seedling Mother, Simon Kealoha continues to affirm his place amongst contemporary electronic musicians. Ultimately, Kealoha has produced with Seedling Mother an impressive follow up to Small Talk Kills Me and is positioning himself more firmly at the forefront of modern electronica.” the milk factory

Seedling Mother is available on CD and digital download from the ABulb Shop > http://www.audiobulb.com/ab-shop.htm & iTunes & eMusic.

3. About Audiobulb : INTERVIEW
Angry Ape interview label owner David Newman > http://angryape.com/interviews/2007/10/david-newman-audiobulb-records

4. Earlabs : DIGGITY
Click > http://www.earlabs.org/releases/diggity.asp?labelID=187

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