Calika releases Seedling Mother

by audiobulb

||1|| Calika – Seedling Mother: Out Now

Simon Kealoha’s second album on Audiobulb brings forth an interplay of detailed electronic and acoustic elements. The reviews are flooding in:

“an immersive and impressive experience” – Clash Magazine

“Ranging from soothing atmospheric intros to highly complex rhythm structures, this CD offers all a listener can ask for” – Phosphor

“…. Kealoha merging Squarepusher-like bravado with the type of rambunctious post-rock attack commonly practiced by Run_return.” – Textura

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Visit the site to hear track previews from this extraordinary album.

Seedling Mother is available on CD and digital download from the ABulb Shop.

||2|| Favourite, Places 1

The album is in the final stages of production & is set to feature bespoke packaging including a handmade unique element to every CD > courtesy of Stereographic

||3|| FZ-Bulb

Audiobulb has teamed up with experimental noise specialist RUIN in the production of a custom made distortion box. The FZ-Bulb brings a warm fuzzy glow to your sound ideal for warming up ambient textures or adding grit to industrial landscapes, beatbox or guitar. We expect the FZ-Bulb to be ready for December 07.

||4|| Endless Endless

Audiobulb hosts this continually evolving composition, from the site’s project page. v4 now uploaded with v5 on its way soon. To contribute to this project please email audiobulb @ audiobulb [at no spam]

||5|| Root of Sine : Vol 4

We have seven excellent tracks in for the next Root of Sine compilation. The album needs three or four further contributions before it can be released. If you would like to contribute a sinewave piece please visit our Project page for submission details.

||6|| Audiobulb @ Myspace

Audiobulb has updated the playlist on its Myspace page. Visit to hear the music & leave us a comment.

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