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M4L-Bulbs | Max 4 Live Software

Software Designer: Szymon Kaliski
Info/Press Release:
Price: £15

M4L-Bulbs includes five plugins:
+ Convolver
+ Distancer
+ Slower
+ Slider
+ Spectral Filter

M4L-Bulbs is pack of five Max 4 Live plugins that work inside Ableton Live. They are designed to provide the quick creation of interesting sounds using a technique called spectral processing. Sound is treated like a video stream, processed, and then turned back into audio.

Rene Margraff from Pillowdiver created the following:

Field Original >
Field Spectral >

For more information and to listen to the versatility of the pack please visit the release page.

We are sure you will enjoy creating new works with this pack.

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Swimming – Ellipses: DIGIPAK CD OUT NOW

Audiobulb is thrilled to introduce Devon, a musician based in Arcata, California. His sound reflects the classic detailed audiobulb sound or clicks, details, electro-acoustic experimentation but with a clear sense of narrative and melody. Swimming blurs the lines between what’s played and what’s placed, managing a wealth of detail but allowing acres of space between the instruments.

In Devon’s own words, “For me, this album is a bit like whispering vague, almost inaudible, advice into the mirror”.

You can hear previews & purchase the CD here >

A Dancing Beggar – Follow The Dark As If It Were Light

These seven songs are journeys rather than standard arrangements of verses and choruses, as James takes a more subtle approach to writing by applying soft piano loops, field recordings and tender vocals. Follow The Dark As If It Were Light marks a change in direction for A Dancing Beggar, focusing on a more personal sound, crafted out of homemade samples, ambient drones and delicate piano melodies, and has been compared to the likes of Sigur Ros and Grouper.

Fluid Radio: “Simmons has a firm grasp of what he is trying to achieve with this album and has such a strong sense of melody that he really does offer up something special here. As an artist Simmons has such a deep well of great melodies to draw from; he deserves credit for being brave enough to invest so many into each song.”

It is a beautiful album packaged in a gatefold digipak retailing for £7 direct from the audiobulb shop.

Videos, interview & previews can all be found here:

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The Hole Punch Generation – Stunning Début Album Out Now

The Hole Punch Generation’s music is defined by it’s raw intensity and beauty and has been compared to bands such as Radiohead, Arcade Fire & Sigur Ros. Each track soars and glides across manipulated electronics, shoegaze guitar riffs and the unique outpouring of Balthrop’s unique falsetto vocals.


Buy the CD for only £6:

“Don’t Go” explodes, bursting into life with a sledgehammer of shoegaze that hits you and vibrates for forty minutes. Welcome to the world of the Hole Punch Generation: everything thrown at you, kitchen sink first.”

“Balthrop’s singing is only part of the Hole Punch Generation’s arsenal—they take a surgical approach to songwriting, with each track’s breathy neurosis carefully dissecting Roxy Music’s Avalon (1982) and everything on Type Records. If you want disheveled symphonies, you’ve come to the right place. If you want Richard Ashcroft’s solo career crossed with the sounds
of an interrogated unicorn, you can come in too.”

“Conversations” taster single indicated, they can rip your heart out without compromising a sound that is inspiring, uplifting and, frankly, bloody beautiful. Fans of everyone, from Radiohead to Eno, would be wise to track this down.”

“What we have here infact, is lush dreamy soundscapes reminiscent at times of the likes of M83, but never losing any form of originality. Here is music that is happy to sooth you to sleep, here is a band that desperately should not be overlooked.”

Resonating Wires | Autistici Reworked

Autistici ReworkedResonating Wires started as one vibrating wire from an acoustic guitar, captured, sculptured and morphed into a buzzing pad of noise. This unique remix album sees the process start again via the reinterpretation of the material by an array of talented ambient & microsound artists, including works by:

* Simon Scott
* Bluermutt
* Sawako
* Jimmy Behan
* Francisco Lopez
* Isan
* Justin Varis
* Ian Hawgood & Danny Norbury
* Richard Chartier
* He Can Jog

The album contains much beauty and diversity and has received some great reviews:

Headphone Commute: “Resonating Wires is an excellent compilation of minimal, experimental and electro-acoustic soundscapes that stands high on the shoulders of contemporary reductionist giants.”

Vital Weekly: “A varied compilation indeed, but its in this variation that there is beauty. A great remix compilation: a fine example of possibilities. A rare thing!”

The CD comes in a beautiful digipak gatefold with resonating spiral designs.

To hear MP3 previews and read the reviews please visit the release page here:

Best wishes for September

David @ Audiobulb

!! Ambient Software Module !! Now available @

Ambient v3 – MAC & PC

Software Designer: Christopher Hipgrave

Graphic Artist: Mike Podolak

Following intense interest in Version 2 and many many happy customers, audiobulb is pleased to announce V3 is here for Mac & PC.

A unique ambient soundscape generator. AMBIENT is capable of producing a vast array of ambient textures, from the bizarre to the beautiful. AMBIENT processes any sound you care to load into it. The possibilities are endless.

Multi-effect standalone software module featuring:

+ Granular sampler with random pitch function

+ Amplitude envelope with a trigger speed control

+ Three pitch shift controls for adding extra layers

+ Tape delay

+ Multi-mode filter

+ Ambient reverb

+ MIDI learn

+ Preset save

Sound file:

Ambient sound example:

Thank you for your support.

:Papercutz | Do Outro Lado Do Espelho (Lylac Ambient Reworks)

Buy now for £7 on CD.

A breathtaking set of ambient-styled reworks of the last :papercutz album Lylac. Do outro lado do espelho, translates from the Portugese as “on the other side of the looking glass.” A reworking of Miguel’s world still holds dear the gorgeous female vocals which ride across marimbas, pianos, and inspired electronics. Each track is uniquely reshaped by renowned contributors from the worlds of ambient, electronic and microsound genres.

Full artist list and line-up:

– Taylor Deupree (12k)
– Jasper TX (Mi­asmah, Fenetre Records)
– Chris Bissonnette (Kranky)
– Helios (Type Records)
– Emanuele Errante (Apegenine recordings / Somnia)
– Rameses III (Type Records)
– The Astroboy (Test Tube/Cobra)
– Autistici (12k / Kesh / Audiobulb Records)
– Feu Follet (Ex Ovo)
– Simon Scott (Miasmah / Kesh)
– He can Jog (Audiobulb Records / Home Normal)
– :papercutz (Apegenine / Audiobulb Records).

Available now on CD & Digital Download.

: Papercutz interview at Tokafi

: Papercutz / Helios video

Audiobulb Records
Exploratory Music


A collection of tracks exploring the raw extrusion of the human condition. Bringing together early works, Detached Metal Voice is characterised by an abstract narrative exploring the anxiety of disconnected elements striving to find connection in a world of digital communication. AT&T voiceovers provide threads of psychological association, rhythmic neo-classical arrangements and noise electronic jazz improvisations provide the backdrop. Many experimental techniques are in place within the creative process of these tracks. Laboratory sinewave oscillators sweep through many of the tracks, tones are produced from simple homemade synthesisers.

There is a homage to voice synthesis including excerpts taken from many of the early laboratory attempts to produce the human voice through the mode of synthesis, including work pioneered by Philip Rubin from the Haskins Laboratories, Tom Baer, and Paul Mermelstein. This synthesizer, known as ASY, was based on vocal tract models developed at Bell Laboratories in the 1960s and 1970s by Paul Mermelstein, Cecil Coker, and colleagues. In tracks such as “Babyman” Autistici illustrates a fascination in hearing machines talking about emotive subjects, emulating emotive tonal changes and yet having no real connection to the subjective emotional experience.  Alternatively tracks such as “Whispering Mongo Man” contains a 15 minute interview with John Lennon with all the words spoken by John deleted from the sound file…. Leaving only the intake and exhalation of breath. With the content missing we are left with a sense of emotion contained within the spaces – the working of a man’s body. The tracks encourage the listener to consider the complex question of how meaning, relationships and connections are constructed, communicated and perceived.

Visit the release page for more information & MP3 previews.

Artwork by maciejgruszecki >

Very limited edition CD-R in a cardboard sleeve available now >

Audiobulb Happy New Year > 2010

Firstly a warmly delivered HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all!

2010 is looking to be a very interesting year for Audiobulb. We start the year with the release of the beautiful Milinal album – Honey Meridian. It is a sublime piece of work by Val who is a Russian sailor by trade and we hope you will support the artist by checking it out. Visit the release page here >

MP3 Previews below:

2010 will also see Audiobulb heading (as always) in new exploratory directions. With new music emerging from the abstract pop of :Papercutz to the exploratory indie of The Hole Punch Generation.

Thank you as always for your support – it means so much to us that listeners support the music rather than downloading the inferior pirate material. Those sites have their own mission of greed drawing in vast revenues from advertising and product placement on the backs of the hard work of in dependant artists and labels like our own.

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2 | Favourite Places

2 | Favourite Places brings together field and composed recordings, providing a unique insight into places of importance and significance within the lives of contemporary artists from around the world.

Featuring unique personal insights into the environments of musicians from the UK (Michael Santos, Icarus, Autistici, Calika), Australia (Lawrence English), Belgium (Yannick Franck), Japan (Sawako), USA (Jeremy Bible, He Can Jog) and Canada (Michael Trommer), giving them each a chance to introduce their very own favourite place. The booklet accompanying this CD contains photographs and a description of these spots, providing concrete complements to the recordings.

Each CD is uniquely hand finished in accordance with the design direction of the truly inspired Stereographic (Geo & Mr sAMsKi). This beautiful CD is available to buy for the shop and via all reputable digital download stores